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With trust to the God almighty, Khadem Date Company established in 2002/2003 in Bushehr province, and is operating with more than two generations of experience in palm cultivation and more than 10 years of experience in packing dates in order to mechanize production, development of date industry, and export of various types of dates.
The company’s export rate which is mostly to Russia, Ukraine, India, Tajikistan, etc., reached more than 1500 tons per year. Also, Khadem Date Company has been introduced a number of times as a top/best producer in Bushehr province and has succeeded in obtaining national standard mark/ISIRI and ISO 9001 and Halal. In this company, dates are disinfected/fumigated, sorted) separated), washed, aerated, and finally packed respectively.
This company is an active member of Bushehr province industrial cluster, and is among the top 5 companies in this cluster. This cluster is geographically limited to Dashtestan city in Bushehr province.


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Our Team

One of our goals is to try to create an appropriate culture for the presence of this valuable fruit in the food basket of the people the consumption of which is highly recommended in The Holy Quran. In addition, creating permanent and seasonal employment to produce and provide this product with high quality in small and bulk packages according to the needs of domestic and foreign consumers is another goal of our company.


Certificates and documents which could be issued as usual in order to export
• Standard SSL Certificate
• Phytosanitary Certificate
• Origin Certificate
• Fumigation Certificate
• Packing List

Furthermore, the company will be as much flexible as possible in providing any special certificate upon the request of the customer (except for the aforementioned items) and also, any information required by the destination country will be labeled separately on the product carton. Therefore, before signing the contract, please inform the company of any information required by the destination country.