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Astamaran Date

Price per KG: 192000 Toman

This date cultivar, which is also called as “Sayer” (also spelled “Sair”), “Samberun” (also spelled “Samberoon”), “Samaran” (also spelled “Saamaran”), and “Samrun” in different regions, includes 75% of palm trees in Khuzestan Province, and is considered as one of the most important export cultivars in this province. “Sayer” Is the trademark of Stamaran date and has a great deal of commercial value. The most important characteristic of this date is being semi-dry which increases its durability property that causes it to be one of the most appropriate commercial and export date cultivars in Iran. Sayer dates are separated in different sizes depending on the order of the target market, including:

Select: up to 75 dates per pound (453g)

B-grade: up to 85 dates per pound

GAQ: up to 110 dates per pound

FAQ: up to 125 dates per pound

Moreover, Sayer cultivar also could be seeded/pitted and chopped into pieces for various uses along with various drinks such as tea.

ColorAmber, Brown
ShapeLong and oval (medium Size)
Consumption StageMostly date
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (10°C<T<25°C)
Harvest TimeMid-September to October (fully ripe)
Place HarvestKhuzestan Province

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