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Gantar Date

Price per KG: Toman

This date cultivar is also known as “Qantar” or “Ghandi” in different region. It has a small seed and is considered as a wet date. This type is one of the high-quality export cultivars in Khuzestan Province. This cultivar has a high capacity to be kept and preserved; that is to say, a long shelf life. It is harvested in several stages from the trees. In addition to Khuzestan Province (cities of Shadegan, Khorramshahr, Abadan, Ahvaz, and Behbahan), the areas in which it is cultivated are the cities of Borazjan, Ahram, Kazerun, and Darab. It is deemed to be a semi-dry date in Haji Abad. It is mostly consumed as Rutab and date.

ColorDark brown
ShapeOval, round, and wrinkled
Consumption StageDate
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (0°C<T<10°C)
Harvest TimeSeptember/October
Place HarvestMainly Khuzestan and Hormozgan Provinces

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