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Kabkab Date

Kabkab cultivar is one of the most important and the most abundant date cultivars in Khesht and Kamaraj areas of Kazerun and Dashtestan area of Borazjan. It is also cultivated in other regions such as Khormoj, Behbahan, Jahrom, and Tabas. Kabkab of Behbahan is very sweet and contains more molasses than Kabkab of Dashtestan. its grain is larger in size, the fruit is yellow at the stage of Kharak/Khark and Rutab, and it turns to dark brown when it is fully ripened. It is mostly consumed in Rutab and date form. Given the economic value, in Iran it is placed after Astamaran, Shahani, and Mazafati. It is considered as a wet (non-dry) date cultivar.

ColorDark brown
ShapeThick and oval
TextureFresh and soft (wet)
Consumption StageKharak/Khark (not much), Rutab and date (most of the consumption)
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (10°C<T<20°C)
Harvest TimeSeptember/ October
Place HarvestMainly Bushehr Province (Dashtestan City) and Fars Province