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Shahani Date

Price per KG: Toman

This date cultivar is known by other names in different regions. In Minab it is called “Shawani”, in Firozabad it is known as “Shoni”, and in Haji Abad area of Bandar Abbas as “Shani”. It is one of the most important and the most abundant date cultivars in Fars Province and encompasses around 90% of palm trees in Jahrom (one of the main cities in which palms are grown and cultivated). It is a very ideal due to being a late- and middle-ripening date cultivar. It is the second date cultivar under cultivation in Iran; dispersed in different parts of the country, and cultivated in different cities in Fars Province and also in the cities of Jiroft, Kahnouj, Saravan, Haji Abad, and Tabas. Owing to its high amount of sweetness and its vividness, this date cultivar has high demand for domestic consumption.

ColorLight brown
ShapeLong with narrow tip
Texture(Date) fresh and soft (wet)
Consumption StageKharak/Khark (cooked), Rutab and date (most of the consumption)
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (10°C<T<20°C)
Harvest TimeMid-September (fully ripe)
Place HarvestMainly Fars Province (Jahrom City)

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