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Price per KG: Toman

Zahedi date cultivar like Diri date cultivar is deemed to be a dry date cultivar. In some regions it is considered as a semi-dry date. In some areas of the country, it is called as “Ghasab”. It is more or less cultivated in almost all the provinces in which dates are produced especially in the provinces of Fars, Bushehr, Khuzestan, and Kermanshah. It is straw-colored at the Kharak/Khark stage, light brown at the Rutab stage, and at the date stage it is reddish brown to light yellowish. Zahedi or Zohdi in Arabic means abundant and inexpensive. This type is cultivated in America, and also is considered as the main type and the major export cultivar in Iraq. It is of the highest quality, and have good conditions for storage and easy transportation, and is of export cultivars. Because Zahedi, which is an industrial cultivar, contains high amount of sugar, it is utilized for the production of alcohol and vinegar.

ColorReddish brown and yellowish brown
ShapeLong oval, egg-shaped
TextureDry and semi-dry
Consumption StageDate
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (0°C<T<10°C)
Harvest TimeSeptember/ October
Place HarvestMainly Bushehr and Fars Province (Farashband City)

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