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Dates in The Holy Month of Ramadan

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When the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, the food market that is placed at the table of this divine ceremony is booming, and dates are one of the most consumed of food. We all know that dates have many benefits not only during the holy month of Ramadan but also throughout the year.

Today, some foods such as Zulbia or Jalebi, also known as Jilapi, Zulbia, Mushabak and Zalabia (a Middle Eastern sweet snack) and Bamiyeh or Tulumba (an Iranian deep-fried dessert) have replaced dates at the Iftar table; however, nutritionists emphasize that no food contains the benefits of dates to break the fast.

The consumption of this fruit in the holy month of Ramadan is recommended because of its nutritional value. Owing to the existence of sugar, this fruit compensates for the drop in the blood sugar level during fasting, and due to containing fiber and laxative properties, it activate the digestive system against the inactivity caused by fasting. Because dates contain magnesium, they strengthen the muscular energy of the body, and intensify the general strength of the body. they also boost the memory due to their phosphorus content.

The findings of a scientific study indicate that dates are the best food for people who are observing the fast. According to the results of this research, during the last hours of fasting, blood sugar drops and thus affects the brain that causes the person to feel tired and feeble, and the concentration ability of the person who is observing the fast is decreased. Low blood sugar also impacts the physical activities, and the stomach is almost at an immovability state, and the activity of digestive enzymes is reduced severely due to the lack of fluids in the body.

With respect to this issue, during Iftar the human body needs a kind of food which would be quickly digested, does not upset the stomach, activates it, and the necessary substances would be immediately absorbed by the body especially by the brain and the muscles in order that the body could be refreshed and the mind could be recovered. All of these are possible by means of consuming dates that within twenty minutes, restores the strength and capability to the person who is observing the fast. By eating dates and breaking the fast during the holy month of Ramadan, overeating after Iftar would be avoided. When the body absorbs the nutrients of dates, the feeling of hunger is obviated; Accordingly, other foods could be eaten in less amount and more slowly. Dates provide enough energy for those who are tired.