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Main Countries Producing Dates

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Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Iraq, produce about 70 percent of the world’s dates respectively.

There are about 100 million palm trees in the world, dispersed throughout the five continents and mostly in 34 countries. According to FAO statistics, the date production is about 7 million tons per year. Moreover, there are about 400 different varieties of dates in the world which demonstrates the great variety of this crop. Over 100 different varieties of dates are found In Iran among which more than 40 main cultivars are studied.

Varieties of Dates

Iranian dates are of different varieties and each one is used for different purposes. varieties such as Kabkab, Mazafati, Piarom, Zahedi, Astamaran, Shahani, Rabbi, Khasooyi, Barhi, Gantar, Halavi, Khasooyi, Diri, Kalooteh, etc. Among these varieties, Mazafati cultivar is perhaps the most familiar one and is mostly sold in the form of Rutab in domestic and foreign markets with a pleasant taste. Dates harvest time, depending on the type of product, is between the (end of August) beginning of September to the middle of November.