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Barhi Date

The origin of this soft date is Iraq from where it has been taken to other regions in which dates are cultivated. This date cultivar is late-ripening and is not resistant to humidity. This cultivar date is one of the most important cultivar varieties in Khuzestan Province and in addition to this province, it is also cultivated in the cities of Qasr-e Shirin, Sumar, Dehloran, Bandar Lengeh and Borazjan. Its Kharak/Khark contains sufficient amount of sugar. That is why its Kharak/Khark and Rutab is consumed in large amounts in regions that dates are cultivated. Barhi/Barahi is edible from Kharak/Khark stage when most of the date cultivars have an astringent/sour taste. It is very tasty and delicious in respect of quality, sweetness and freshness. Its color is yellow at Khark/Kharak stage, amber at Rutab stage, and from amber to reddish brown at date stage.

ColorYellow (Khark/Kharak), amber (Rutab), amber and brown (date)
Texture(Date) soft and wet
Consumption StageKhark/Kharak, Rutab, and date
Storage ConditionFrozen place or freezer (Khark/Kharak, Rutab), ambient temperature (date)
Harvest TimeJuly/August (Khark/Kharak, Rutab), August/Spetember (date)
Place HarvestMainly Khuzestan Province