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Piarom Date

It is one of the most important and popular date cultivars in northern area of Hormozgan Province called “Haji Abad”. It is also cultivated in Hasan Abad area of Kazerun, nearby Darab, in Kerman, and in Bandar Abbas. It has a low moisture content and is deemed to be a dry variety. This type is relatively of the late-ripening varieties; it has an ideal quality and with respect to exportation is marketable and in demand. Piarom Date is replete with sugar, protein, and other minerals and have high nutritional value.

ColorDark brown
ShapeSlender and long (in wrinkled form)
Consumption StageDate
Storage ConditionCool & dry place (0°C<T<10°C)
Harvest TimeOctober-September
Place HarvestMainly Hormozgan Province (Haji Abad area)